BLANCHE TATE „Merry Christmas My Friend“
  self released CD 2005. Our rating [7/10]

Blanche sings traditional and original Bluegrass and Country Christmas songs with the voice of an angel. This is it—– the Christmas CD for you—„MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIEND“tracks reviews Merry Christmas My Friend author: Charlie Mitchell This is a wonderful CD. Blanche has sent me the CD to play on my Christmas Radio Station and you can hear several of the tracks from her album at www.S… [Read full review]

 APEYGA „Forward“
  self released CD 2007. Our rating [7/10]

„Forward is a vibrant incorporation of light, lush melodic numbers like Liberatus and harder tracks like Rise And Shine. Effects pedals are kicked into fifth gear across the disc, flavouring five of the seven tracks. And these jams are tight, with each song under four minutes. Apeyga seem to be shooting here for quality, not quantity. There are a few evident comparisons to other bands here, most o… [Read full review]

 NORINE BRAUN „Evolution of the blood star“
  Braun & Brains Music CD 2007. Our rating [8/10]

The mere listen to Norine Braun’s “Evolution of the Blood Star” one will begin the expedition to self discovery, and as each song filters into the soul, your own fate is realized. Braun’s music and lyrics are uplifting, kind and soft-spoken, as if an authentic conversation between two people. Experience fully Norine Braun’s latest CD, ‘Evolution of the Blood Star’, a reflection of her own very… [Read full review]

  Bisesi Music CD 2007. Our rating [8/10]

Gayle Bisesi is a true jazz soprano who brings a fresh, inspiring sensitivity and a playful edge to jazz music. She creates original material that will set your soul searching and adds a new flare to jazz standards from the past. Fusing the imaginative freedom of a child with masterful technique, flexibility and a superb overall command of her instrument, Gayle will wow you with her artistry. … [Read full review]

 JJ SCHULTZ „Traveling songs“
  East Stop records digiCD 2007. Our rating: [5/10]

JJ Schultz captures the lonesome middle-America landscape with the wry clarity of Nebraska era Springsteen. Schultz’s wavering vibrato captures the snap shots of everyday people surviving the life of rural America.tracks Hailing from the Wisconsin Northwoods, JJ Schultz captures the lonesome middle-America landscape with the wry clarity of Nebraska era Springsteen. Schultz’s wavering vibrato ca… [Read full review]

 MAD DOG MACREA „Sophisticated Hat Manoeuvres“
  Cough Records CD 2006. Our rating [5/10]

Mad Dog Mcrea a professional touring band, have been working their magic around the globe since 1995. With their unique blend of raw energy and kaleidoscopic acoustic orchestration they have soared to incredible notoriety in the clubs and pubs of devon and cornwall and have also toured extensively in UK, Europe USA and Thailand. The band are based in Devon, England and they have released two indep… [Read full review]

 AUDIO JAM MUSIC „Off the wall volume 1“
  Audio Jam Music 2007 2CD compilation. Our rating: [7/10]

This 2 Disc CD was created by some of our most talented unsigned artists at AudioJam Music. All of the artists have handpicked their chosen songs especially for this CD in the hopes of creating one of the best mix collections ever. You’ll get a wide variety of genres, something for everyone, including rap, rock, industrial, ambient, retro and more. „Off the Wall“ Defined: „A collaboratio… [Read full review]

 SORRRRYYYYYYYYY!!!! We are very sorry!!!

After hackers attack we lost some reviews and allmost all CD covers. Sorry for this, we will try fix everything as soon as possible…. [Read full review]

 KEY DRAGON „Dragon Prohecy“
  Key Dragon Studios CD 2006. Our rating [6/10]

KeyDragon got it’s name from the Keyboard Dragon originally created by Ron Langford in 1984. This Gothic metal band hails from Grass Valley, California which is in the middle of Northern California, USA. KeyDragon has been explained by Burt of Beowulf as „They center their sound on Metal, but they toss is Thrash, Doom, Classic Rock, Death, Progressive Metal & even some Jazz sounds … [Read full review]

 SUE QUIGLEY „Outside In“
  Quig Chick Music CD 2007. Our rating [6/10]

Sue Quigley has a magnificent voice. Her warm, full-bodied alto is reminiscent of early Melissa Etheridge, Susan Tedeshi and Bonnie Raitt and, like those artists, she’s also an accomplished guitar player. Sue started playing guitar after her teenaged sister abandoned it for other pursuits (read: boys). Influences include Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde, REM, Concrete Blonde, and Lucinda Williams. A g… [Read full review]

 DAWOUD „Renegade Sufi“
  Mystic Jaz Productions 2007 CD. Our rating [5/10]

Dawoud a New York City based sitarist, guitarist, composer, improviser, performer, and poet. He leads a multi-membered group who explores and contributes to the living musical entity he calls Mystic Jaz. One of the main projects Dawoud devoted himself to is the development of techniques and innovations on sitar, including the incorporation and integration of eastern and western musical techniq… [Read full review]

 HARRI BEST „Kiss my money maker“
  Moneymaker records 2007 singleCD. Our rating [6/10]

Harri Best was born in london uk to Nigerian parents…i grew up with the strong influences of western music&African; influences..hence the strong percussive &groove; orientation in my music.artists like the Jacksons,James Brown,Prince,Stevie Wonder,Terence Trent D“arby,Marvin Gaye,Teddy Pendergrass were strong influences from the western world.while artists like Fela kuti,Ebenezer obey&king; Sunny a… [Read full review]

 GODRAP „People“
  Ramzi music production 2007 CD. Our rating [4/10]

Born in 1964, in a country of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. night after night, war ignited the land that no one thought of ever leaving. at age 16, traveling out of his hometown was not his idea of change, but it was his destiny. Seeking a new life and a future, he found himself in a country that finally became a second home. The country of opportunity, and the country of the free. Fulfilling a… [Read full review]

 SELECTOR „Get wild!“
  Self released 2007 CD. Our rating [5/10]

Michael Corn and Dennis DeCambre have recently teamed up to form „Selector,“ a hybrid of hip-hop, reggaeton, funk and dancehall music that is truly unique. Michael is a NY composer, producer, and performer who has worked with major and indie artists in the studio, on the road, and placed many original songs in film/TV in recent years. He digs old soul & funk, and draws much from that for the n… [Read full review]

 HAWK „Looking for love“
  Self released 2007 CD. Our rating [5/10]

HAWK is an artist who commands immediate attention. Like a magnet, his deep soulful voice and exciting guitar playing invariably draws audiences towards him. Appearing on numerous radio programs, HAWK has become increasingly popular over the past few years. He has performed and recorded with many of Denmark’s most respected artists and several internationally acclaimed top musicians. His warm … [Read full review]

 KAYTE BURGESS „Checked Baggage“
  Self released 2007 CD. Our rating [6/10]

From a young age, Kayte Burgess had developed a keen ear and a strong voice for music. At age 13, she began studying classical voice, piano and harmony. She used her time in school to become involved with anything that would give her a platform to perform, including vocal jazz and the school choir. Kayte also took on a leadership role to help in organizing shows for a variety of different organiza… [Read full review]

 JIMMY & DEBORAH „Will you be ready?“
  Self released 2007 CD. Our rating [2/10]

Jimmy Lee Rouse has been singing for over 33 years. He started at the age of 23 with THE GOSPEL IMPERIALS of Atlantic Beach, Florida. Not only does Jimmy love to sing, but God has began to deal with his heart about writing and arranging songs for his glory. The harmony and melody that God has placed in this family as one, you are guaranteed to be blessed. Jimmy and Deborah met at a young … [Read full review]

  Subterra records 2007 CD. Our rating [9/10]

The theme of Karen Hegarty’s debut album “No Lullaby”… is one of a fairytale world where the lullaby has been twisted and has become something dark, emotive and inspiring. The story follows a woman’s journey from being a victim through to finding strength and self-empowerment. The music and strong lyrics combine to evoke powerful imagery which is brought to life by the striking artwork. Together t… [Read full review]

 APOPTOSE „Schattenmädchen“
  Tesco Organisation 2007 CD. Our rating [10/10]

Schattenmädchen (English: »shadow girl«) has always been around, waiting patiently for seven years to step out of the shadows and reveal its face. Apoptose’s third album explores dystopian locations: the undergrounds of Japanese megacities, the depths of worldwide data highways, the nightmares of little children. The seven tracks express images of a desolate and dying world, far removed from th… [Read full review]

 MARTIN WALKER self titled
  Self released 2007 CD. Our rating [6/10]

“I don’t like myself much sometimes…” so says Martin Walker, and which of us hasn’t felt that way from time to time? This line strikes up the chorus to an unlikely love song recounting Walker’s reaction to his wife’s post-partum depression. Whereas you or I may tell no one about our self-loathing, Walker unflinchingly turns it into art. “I was afraid that you might do / what a part of me hoped you… [Read full review]

 SMF „So Much To Fear“
  Self released 2002 CD. Our rating [6/10]

SMF = “So Much to Fear”! Born in August of 2006. Named on the fact that in this world we live today, there is “So Much to Fear”. A metal band based on the Central Coast of California is comprised by 4 friends that have known and played in different bands together for the better part of the past 20 years. Combining their individually unique styles and morbid thoughts with heavy guitar rhythms and d… [Read full review]

 NOS ROYAUMES „L’Antichambre“
  Angle Records 2006 7″EP. Our rating [8/10]

Before running aground onto the shores of a minimal, somber, muffled and textured electro with strains that are nevertheless poetically devastating, the creator behind the Montreal project Nos Royaumes flirted with the uneven terrains of rhythmic noise, pure noise, hard ebm and a zillion other sonic outlets, under various names. It is, however, with the founding of its current project that he prou… [Read full review]

 GINGER LEIGH „And the Hallucinations“
  Masuno 2007 CD. Our rating [8/10]

Every now and then I receive a cd of Ginger Leigh, that weird American electronic project. The new album has as always ‘minimal packaging’ and the strangest sound. “And The Hallucinations” is again less noisy than its predecessor, but still has ‘that Ginger Leigh sound’. That sound is hard to describe, since I know no comparison. Strange samples in loops, either melodies or rhythms (which can be i… [Read full review]

 MELANIE E „Le Jazz a la francaise. Volume I“
  Harsthorn-Walton 2006 CD. Our rating [1/10]

Vocalist Melanie Hartshorn-Walton began singing at an early age and remembers listening to many French artists such as Ginette Reno, Felix Leclerc and Joe Dassin. It is through song that she found her passion for music. Melanie got her first music lesson at the age of 6. This was the start of a wonderful journey. Melanie studied classical guitar, voice, piano, played French horn and electric bass…. [Read full review]

 GARRY JACKSON „Something’s Got A Hold On Me“
  Wild Oats records 2007 CD. Our rating [5/10]

An excellent singer/songwriter who hails from Canada, Garry Jackson was first featured on „Mighty Above All Things“ (the debut CD in our label’s Singer/Songwriter Series). This fine artist now has a full-length Wild Oats Records CD of his own: the interestingly-titled „Songs Your Mother Never Sang (Because She Didn’t Write Them)“. Jackson has a soaring voice and writes some truly f… [Read full review]

  Self released 2007 CD. Our rating [6/10]

About *Trevis Prince*: I am a singer/songwriter/performer. For as long as I remember, I have gotten a thrill out of singing and performing. I have a passion to create music with a lot of groove and soul. I also really enjoy the songwriting process and the ability to express my thoughts and emotions through lyrics. My music is influenced by artisits I grew up listening to and really admire such… [Read full review]

  Thunder records 2006 CD. Our rating [3/10]

Lewis Anderson is, without a doubt, one of the most creative singer/songwriters in America today! This musical offering is a testament to his ability to tell a musical story. Growing up in the church, one can see that Lewis is able to express himself just as fluently in other genres of music. This has got to be his best musical offering ever! Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Listen and buy this… [Read full review]

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