BLANCHE TATE „Life and Love“
  Self-relesed 2007 CD. Our rating [7/10]

Her voice is like a young Reba or Tammy Wynette, really bringing back true country. Very pretty, her band and back up vocals are great additions to her beautiful voice. Listened to this over & over – I especially love the song „Sweet Home Up There.“ This music is wonderful! Her band The Cuttin’ Crew is very polished and professional, excellent mix and balance. Blanche’s voice is very distinc… [Read full review]

  Fused World records 2006 CD. Our rating [8/10]

His highly acclaimed debut E.P. entitled Enlightenment the E.P. released earlier this year in January 2007 was an International hit, and attracted worldwide critical acclaim. Reviewed by Rolling Stone and countless others internationally – Sohpal tipped as having the flare and creativity of early „mezzanine“ era Massive Attack, Natacha Atlas & 70’s cult pop icons including Serge Gainsbourg, is … [Read full review]

 NAEVUS „Silent Life“
  Hauruck productions 2007 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Naevus’ fifth album, Silent Life, will be released by Hau Ruck! in May 2007. This, the band’s first album as a full four-piece, sees Lloyd (voice, acoustic guitar, keyboards) and Joanne (bass, accordion, keyboards) joined on all tracks by Greg Ferrari (Womb, Bedsit Injury) on electric guitar and John Murphy (Knifeladder, Shining Vril, SPK, The Associates, etc.) on drums and percussion. On four tra… [Read full review]

 LEWIS ANDERSON „Thank You, Luther – My Tribute“
  Thunder records 2006 CD. Our rating [5/10]

Lewis Anderson has been performing since he was 9 years old. His grandmother might say that he started earlier. She used to ask him to dance on the table for her when he was four. She called him her „little show man“. When he was 9 he entered a talent show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at a block part. He won that show, hosted by Chuck Leonard, by singing two James Brown songs. His performance was bro… [Read full review]

 HOWIE NEWMAN „Trust me, you’ll like it“
  Major League records 2006 CD. Our rating [4/10]

One of the most engaging performers on the New England folk circuit, Howie Newman combines music, comedy and audience participation to provide a truly unique entertainment experience. His amusing original compositions are up-tempo and catchy, and he keeps things lively with funny between-songs banter and short comedy bits (there is also a smattering of serious songs). Although he is best k… [Read full review]

 STORME REEVES „Images of Reality“
  Smokey Opera productions 2003 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Storme is an experienced and powerful Singer/Songwriter and guitarist. A WA Academy graduate, her debut album shows influences of Sarah McLaucghlan with her angelic harmonising, and captivating moments. A hint of Sherryl Crows cool yet blues and rock based structures to Jeff Buckleys development of tribal percussive sounds and melodic soundscapes with passionate but serious vocals with an attitude… [Read full review]

 KOLABERATE self titled
  Self released 2007 CD. Our rating [7/10]

Kolaberate was formed in late 2005 as a new project to try and capture the style and energy of Coltrane’s classic quartet, and feature the compositions of each member of the band. The base of the group is the bass, drums, and sax trio, but the goal of the project is to discover new sounds and explore new modes of improvisation by expanding the group. In the past, we’ve been joined by Ken Tamura… [Read full review]

 Colette Kavanagh „Further Down The Line“
  Self released 2007 CD. Our rating [9/10]

Colette Kavanagh, a native of County Kildare, Ireland, grew up listening to Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and other music legends as her father played piano and her mother sang along. Taught dancing and singing from a young age, her appetite for performance was whetted when she appeared in several shows in the Olympia and Gaiety Theatres in Dublin. Colette’s… [Read full review]

  Self released 2007 CD. Our rating [4/10]

Feel-good latin rhythms and lyrics which make you think, Whitehouse is a multicultural band led by songwriter José Amigo. Check out the new CD Games, where you will find hot summer sounds, and a unique take on human relationships in these sexy songs expressed in both English and sultry Spanish. However you will not find only the usual themes here, but also songs featuring the hard life of the Gali… [Read full review]

 RAY JOZWIAK „Put A Finger On It“
  Bosky Dell & Sylvan Glade records 2006 CD. Our rating [5/10]

PUT A FINGER ON IT is the third (of many more, I hope)installment of my all-original, solo piano compositions and improvisations which I call GONZO PIANO (see explanation below). Gonzo is more than just a bird-like Muppet character on Sesame Street. Merriam- Webster online defines Gonzo as: idiosyncratically subjective but engagé (This is clearly a post-Hunter Thompson dictionary entry.) I’ve … [Read full review]

  Das Drehmoment Records 2007 12″/EP. Our rating [8/10]

Based on the famous novel „I Am Legend“ by Richard Matheson, „The Last Man on Earth“ is a true science fiction Classic featuring Vincent Price as scientist Robert Morgan in a post apocalyptic nightmare world. The world has been consumed by a ravenous plague that has transformed humanity into a race of bloodthirsty vampires. In the vein of Classic B-Movies like “Omega Man ” or “Planet of the Va… [Read full review]

 V.I.T.A.L. EMCEE „The Secret of the Invisible Man“
  MDB records 2006 CD. Our rating [8/10]

Noel Vinson is V.I.T.A.L. Emcee: an enigmatic whirlwind of insurgent creation and musical catharsis demanding to be heard. Having sharpened his teeth with Seekret Socyetee and 2 Drunk’n Poets, he is gearing up to release his first solo project with the prime objective of bridging the distances between the formulaic labels known as underground and mainstream while unifying the balancing differences… [Read full review]

 EBENUS „The House That Funk Built“
  Ebenus Ltd. 2007 CD. Our rating [4/10]

July 16 marks a seminal day in the history of funk, for that day will mark the release of the debut album from South London’s finest, Ebenus. The House That Funk Built is a simmering concoction of funk, jazz, hip-hop and R&B.; The scintillating collection offers something to party to, to chill out to, and to merely listen to. After considerable success in his homeland, Ebenus is ready to rock t… [Read full review]

 JIM PROTECTOR „Shields Down“
  Switch Off records 2007 CD. Our rating [7/10]

The Norwegian midwinter of 2001 was extremely cold, but it gave Alex and Jarle time to write and record the askew yet melodious music of Jim Protector, using the family-computer, the worlds lousiest guitar and whatever other instruments or tools at hand. The outcome was the 7-inch ”Half Finished / Half Begun”, released the following year. Two years later, spread between cities and continents for a… [Read full review]

  Freedom Tracks records 2006 CD. Our rating [5/10]

Tired of being told by various and sundry music industry insiders that many of his songs are good in quality but will never be recorded in Nashville due to political and social content, songwriter Richard Aberdeen rounded up some of Nashville’s top musicians and session vocalists and began to record material content that many here in Nashville (and elsewhere) believe should be heard on 21st Centur… [Read full review]

 BRADLEY WEST „Slow Train“
  Freedom Tracks records 2007 CD. Our rating [5/10]

Like many of the best surprises in life, Bradley West first came to my attention by accident of circumstance through a mutual acquaintance. But from the moment I first saw and heard him perform, I knew there is something unique and special about this emerging young artist. A recent performance at the famous “Tootsies Orchid Lounge” in Nashville underscored this first impression when, as soon as … [Read full review]

 AMERICAN RIVER „A Song for Tara Cole“
  Freedom Tracks records 2005 CD. Our rating [5/10]

On an August summer night in 2006, a young homeless female named Tara Cole was sleeping on a wharf at Riverfront Park in Nashville, Tennessee, when two men stepped out of the shadows and rolled her into the Cumberland River. Witnesses tried, but were unable to rescue her. Tara’s body was found ten days later when the city, after several nights of ongoing vigil and much prodding from local a… [Read full review]

 HOMELESS IN AMERICA „Twenty-One Songs of Social Conscience for the 21st century“
  Freedom Tracks records 2005 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Teardrops of Blood and Homeless inspired by Grady & Hazel Cole’s „Tramp On The Street“ and „Greenwood“ by Peter Yarrow, as performed by King David’s beloved friends, Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey & Mary Travers. U.S. Steal inspired by Mass Murderers In High Places. Writing on the Wall Dedicated to Vietnam War veteran and peace activist Ron Kovic, Vietnam War veteran and former state senator … [Read full review]

 BAIT „Pull the Trigger“
  Self released 2002 CD. Our rating [8/10]

From the second Rhett Garcia’s vocals drop into „Follow Me,“ the opening track on their new CD „Pull the Trigger,“ it’s obvious that Bait means business. Going into the studio late in 2005, Bait wanted to raise the bar for music, not only from the region, but the U.S. in general. Shying away from the trends of agro rock and hardcore, Bait infused hard rock with powerful melodies and now gives us a… [Read full review]

 DWELLING „Ainda e Noitte“
  Equilibrium music 2007 CD digipack. Our rating [7/10]

Portuguese artisans of acoustic ambiance and challenging melodies present their new opus, “Ainda É Noite”. Having spent a good portion of the last two years preparing this much awaited release, the Portuguese all strings combo Dwelling returns reinvigorated. Their trademark acoustic design has been slightly reshaped, not only by the recruitment of another violinist,but also through the use of o… [Read full review]

  Tanatone records 2007 CD. Our rating [8/10]

William Harrington was born in Yonkers, New York. By the time he was a sophomore in high school, he was working as a professional musician. While at Cal State, Dominguez Hills he studied composition, performance, electronic music, and prepared piano techniques with Richard B. Evans, who authored the classic book on John Cage, “The Well Prepared Piano.” He was also influenced by seminars with sever… [Read full review]

 PAULA CLARKE „Before and now“
  Scorcher music 2006 CD. Our rating [4/10]

Paula Clarke sounds great on Before and Now (Scorcher ), a brand-new collection of tunes Rooted in the classics. Covering“ Baby Be True“ from the Heptones, Marcia Griffith“s „Peaceful Woman“ and Carl Dawkins’ “ Baby I Love You“ she shows another side – or two – with the likes of „Survivor,“ “ Do You Think I“m Sexy“ and“ When Will I See You Again,“ Jamaica originals like „My Man“ and“ Breaking Up… [Read full review]

  Tapu records 2007 CD. Our rating [7/10]

A cinematic mixture of dreamy violin / oud -improvisations and exotic electronica. This is an exclusive collection of atmospheric Banabila – soundtracks, especially compiled by Peter van Cooten. With Salar Asid (violin) , Yasar Saka (oud) , Sandhya Sanjana (vocals) , and others. Post modern assemblage of found sounds and vocal fragments…. [Read full review]

 BERNIE JOURNEY „Everything“
  Bernard D Journey 2006 CD. Our rating [3/10]

This artist presents us with a CD that offers us some nice R&B;, Soul, and Pop/Dance sounds. This is his debut album, and it proves to be a decent effort. The music has a solid beat, good rhythms, and lots of musical layers. Made of 8 tracks it had good openers, „Jump In and Out of My Love“ and „Wounded Child.“ On „Ran Away From Me“ the rich thick organ and cool rhythms make this tune a cool wi… [Read full review]

 STEVE DRESSLER „Mind Transport“
  Self released 2006 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Mind Transport is now the sound tracks for my videos at you tube and The sounds tracks of jazz, african, latin and middle eastern instruments whichI have compiled to create a orchestration that never existed. The album is about contemplation, a metaphysical experience. The music I believe could have a spiritual, transcending, mystical or meditative effect in your mind (oasis and beyond… [Read full review]

 THE TRUTH ABOUT MOVIESTARS „A Family Norman Rockwell Would Be Proud Of“
  Self released 2002 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Kylan Savage – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Lyricist: My favorite color is yellow – that doesn’t have anything to do with why I sing but I thought everyone should know that. Equipment: Ovation Acoustic Electric Dean Acoustic Electric Washburn Acoustic Electric My own voice! Brad Stallcup – Drummer: I have been playing drums for 4 years and am inspired by Jesus and by Mike Portnoy of D… [Read full review]

 BRUCE HOLMES „Life’s an intelligence test“
  Self released 2005 CD. Our rating [5/10]

Bruce Holmes writes about what he knows, that life slips by all too quickly, so you have to do what you love. As a songwriter, he believes in songs that are short and to the point, songs that capture one moment in time or a conversation. „I don’t believe in being mysterious when I write. A song isn’t a poem. It can’t be studied on the page. You should be able to get it on the first listen.“ … [Read full review]

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