NO FIXED ABODE „Clearwater“
  Dean/Walsh 2007 CD. Our rating [7/10]

No Fixed Abode are fronted by Una Walsh singing in her own lilting Irish accent and Tony Dean supporting on acoustic guitar. Based in Derbyshire No Fixed Abode have traveled all across the UK over the last three years building up a solid reputation performing at festivals and acoustic clubs. Their new album Clearwater, due for release 10th April 2007 is an eclectic mix of songs ranging from the … [Read full review]

 NUBIAN NATTY „Nah Go Like Me“
  Groundbreaking records 2006 CD. Our rating [7/10]

Nubian Natty music combines the Traditional groove of Dancehall and Culture reggae rhythms with the urban taste of Cruzan and Antigua style mix. Nubian Natty was born on the island of Antigua located in the British West Indies where most if not all her foundation came from. Later on moving to st.Croix Virgin Island with her mother and brother at the tender age of seven coming to the United Stat… [Read full review]

 FUNKY MUSTARD „Alma del Fuego“
  Moosepie records 2006 CD. Our rating [10/10]

Funky Mustard lay’s it on thicker , and juicier this time around with their sophomore effort „Alma del Fuego“. Recorded @ „The Red Shack“ in Houston Tx. with the Legendary „Rock Romano“ . This Album was 6 months in the making . This is a whole new batch of rockin Texas style music straight from the melting pot of melting pot’s, Houston Texas . Larry White comes out swinging this time , and add’s V… [Read full review]

 POLITICKS „Two Coffees, One Juice“
  Brokn Records 2007 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Politicks features Matthew Green on vocals, Brian Chafin and Mike Trella on guitars, Brad Moore on bass, and Brendan McCourt on drums. Each member contributes heavily to the songwriting process, which is one of the key elements that separate Politicks from its peers. Five members bring five very unique perspectives toward the crafting of each song. Their collaborative efforts produce the funky, of… [Read full review]

 MOONTAGU „Written In Stone“
  Self released 2002 CD. Our rating [5/10]

This „Roots Rock/Blues“ CD album features 10 songs from various genres from Blues through Instrumental to Rock and Ballards. The emphasis is always upon meaningful lyrics and melodious tunes regardless of the genre. With a backing band of classic 5 piece rock, the voices of Erle and Kathleen Montaigue with backing vocals from all other members ring out slightly above the music so that the lyrics c… [Read full review]

 KERRY „Being Human“
  Self released 2006 CD. Our rating [7/10]

Being Human, an album about the many complexities we experience as human beings, is the latest release by Kerry. Again, like her previous work, many of these experiences are personal. Exploring and living the situation, looking at the positive when possible and then expressing it is what drives Kerry to write songs. With Being Human you will hear a more grounded Kerry. Musically, the songs range f… [Read full review]

 THE TROUTS self-titled
  Self released 2005 CD. Our rating [8/10]

The Trouts are Alan Grier, with occasional bass guitar supplied by Randy Nelson. Alan play all guitars, keyboards and drum loops. As well as supplying the vocals. All songs have been recorded at Alan place on a Boss BR-8 digital multitrack. They think of themselves more of a songwriter than a musician and would love to hear my songs performed by a ‘proper’ band. The Trouts are: Alan Grier- … [Read full review]

  Mondes Elliptiques 2006 CD. Our rating [9/10]

Three sonic trajectories which tie and untie. Three creative entities to orchestrate the whole. John Sellekaers (Xingu Hill, Dead Hollywood Stars), Daniel De Los Santos (Tamarin) and Mathias Delplanque (Lena, Bidlo) open us the door to a universe whose maze conceals a multitude of other doors. Some are half-open, others are closed and many are, at first sight, invisible. As we explore further, we … [Read full review]

 DIS*KA „We only have music“
  Echokammer 2006 CD. Our rating [7/10]

After two albums („Hey Dis*ko“/2000, „America’s The Bomb“/2002) the munich-based electro-rock-duo returns with a new sound: Albert Pöschl (Queen Of Japan) and Ralf Summer (Multiboy) created a nearly-sample-free, third album – after inviting, recording and editing real musicians. Press Play and… …welcome to dis*ka! the word & the act, the music & the message. what message? well, let’s start… [Read full review]

 V/A „Bound For the Bar“
  I used to fuck people like you in prison records 2007 CD. Our rating [8/10]

Europe’s Leading Rock`n`Roll Label, People Like You – Records, together with America’s most famous brand of alternative clothing, Lucky Thirteen, are giving you this fine collection of the best Rock`n`Roll tunes performed by the best young and wild bands of today. „Bound For The Bar“ should be the mandatory listening for your next party or fits perfectly as a road movie soundtrack. People Li… [Read full review]

 LCEDP „De L’Utilité Des Convoyeurs“
  Angle Records 2005 CD. Our rating [10/10]

Ever entered one of those old abandoned factories at night, wandering through its long desolated vintage hallways, discovering rusty machines put to a permanent idle state against their will, hearing your footsteps resonating around you towards infinity, up to the high arched ceilings of the engine room, hearing the distant sound of the water dripping slowly on the floor, having the feeling of bre… [Read full review]

  Dancing Bread 2006 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Thomas Rose, aka Toby Tate, has performed throughout Northeastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia in various bands and as a solo artist for the past several years. It wasn’t until he began playing as a soloist, in fact, that he started gaining recognition. Thomas’ music has been described by record producer Frank Tedesco as ‘something like the Beatles meets Jim Croce,’ which is not far… [Read full review]

 OLLO „The if if“
  12 Apostles 2006 CD. Our rating [7/10]

Whether mixing electro with great vocal pop melodies, or acoustic strums, stuttering hip hop beats and emotional static with dub, Sydney’s ollo have been compared with The Flaming Lips, The Triffids, Caribou, Prefuse 73 and Herbert. On this second vocal heavy album the Sydney boys prove how they managed to gatecrash BBC Radio 1’s Festive 50 top 10 recently and why Linda Evangelista chooses to sash… [Read full review]

 PERCEPTION CLEANSE PERCEPTION „Cross-cutting in cold frames“
  Dungeon recodings 2006 CD. Our rating [9/10]

Perception Cleanse Perception’s theme can best be described as one’s true self, locked beneath the layers of social plastic masks and deep dark affirmations. Everyone has a twitch of insanity that likes to pop up and say, HELLO, once in a while. This is my own personal mind-fuck. This project first started out as a journal. A place where I could experiment with all the unfinished songs that had go… [Read full review]

 TOTAL CHAOS „Freedom Kills“
  I used to fuck people like you in prison records 2007 CD. Our rating [7/10]

Punk’s still not dead; for over seventeen years TOTAL CHAOS has proven this statement true, and has helped expand a genre that has outlasted numerous musical trends, gimmicks and novelties. Soon after their incarnation they released their first independent record, with the initial pressing selling out immediately thanks to the legion of rabid fans they had amassed in the underground punk scenes th… [Read full review]

 ALAN ICHIYASU „Arts des Trois“
  Cosmo and biff records 2001 CD. Our rating [5/10]

I received 3 CD’s from Alan Ichiyasu of his releases (on Cosmo & Biff Records) and they are great instrumental piano type pieces (New Age Jazz Fusion) that you can relax to or get up to depending on the cut. Kind of a ‘Hearts of Space’ type of feel here, and I like ARTS des TROIS – (The single) as well as cuts from his other single and the Fragments Album. Check out his site at http://www.ichiyasu… [Read full review]

 SPENCER DURHAM „Much more than words“
  Cavender Castle Entertaiment 2006 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Spencer Durham is the very definition of an “up-and-coming” artist. This 18-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist from Atlanta recently released his second CD, Much More Than Words, and its mature, full sound certainly belies Durham’s tender age. The album’s 12 tracks allow Spencer to display his songwriting prowess, but it is his strong, earthy vocals that really grab the listener. His voice warra… [Read full review]

 MATHIAS DELPLANQUE „Ma Chambre Quand Je N’y Suis Pas [Montreal]“
  Angle Records 2006 CD. Our rating [9/10]

This is the stereo version of a sound installation presented at Montréal’s Studio Cormier in December 2004. It is the second part of the ‘’Ma chambre quand je n’y suis pas’’ series. The piece is based on the recording of “silences”, i.e. the recording of sound produced in spaces with no human presence. The sound of an “empty” Studio Cormier was therefore used as the material for the production of … [Read full review]

 SHADOWMATH fateless flows collective vol.2 [compilation]
  Jason James Records 2006 CD. Our rating [8/10]

Aside from the Plug Research crew, Los Angeles isn’t exactly known as one of the hotbeds of experimental electronic music. But it’s apparently bubbling under, judging from more than a dozen artists appearing on the second installment of Shadowmath from the area’s Fateless Flows Collective. As you might expect, such a large number of artists means a wide range of styles falling under the „exp… [Read full review]

  Trifonic Laboratories 2006 CD. Our rating [7/10]

Slow Burning Car is an agency dedicated to the preservation of creative individualism and the alchemy of „Rock“ through compositional application in the audio realm. The agency is based upon the research and developmental experimentation of founder and „Agent Prime“, Troy Spiropoulos (also known as „The Squid“ to fellow agents and clandestine operatives) resulting in the discovery of specimens kno… [Read full review]

 DEE GIRARD „Waiting on the gods“
  Manu Cornuta records 2006 CD. Our rating [4/10]

Edgy Fearless Rock.Dee Girard says what needs to be said.A musician who writes from his heart and takes his soul and shoves it into sound.A sound that is unique and easily related to by all.“The Bullshit Song could easily be the anthem of the decade.“ Who is Dee Girard? Dee Girard is a musician from Erie,PA. The same small town that brought you Pat Monahan and Train! Erie is such a strange pla… [Read full review]

 GRKZGL „Esque“
  Angle Records 2006 3″CD. Our rating [9/10]

First release of the .Angle.Records. label in the 3’’ mini-cd format! This format lends itself well to the implementation of a maximum of ideas within a minimum of space. Clocking it at under 20 minutes on the cd player, this release proposes a journey that is indeed short but full of variations. Here is an excellent introduction for this promising artist from Montreal. Grkzgl (pronouced ‘grak-s… [Read full review]

 MIRIAM’S WELL self titled
  Healing Tree publishing 2006 CD. Our rating [4/10]

New on the scene…. Miriam’s Well is opiated rock & roll. When you listen to hundreds of new releases every year, it’s refreshing to hear one that has Soul and lots of feeling to it. Miriam’s Well hit that spot for me… Check it out! The Big B.A. — KINK Radio, Portland, OR Miriam is a kindred spirit… the real deal. She lives and breathes her art. Miriam’s music is a unique layering of emot… [Read full review]

 ALAN ICHIYASU „Fragments“
  Cosmo and Biff records 2006 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Jazz Powered Bio-Hazardous Radioactive New Age Fusion, POLICE doin’a JAZZ THiNG. Multi-dimensional…haunting moments intertwined with bursts of joy, then laced with reflections, ultimately so truthful it pulls at the heart to touch another soul. Executive Producer: D.T. Richards Condor Classix,Box 459, Maywood, CA 90270. Composed, performed and produced by Alan Ichiyasu. Recorded at Turnkey Grou… [Read full review]

 ARIEL STORM self-titled
  Scorcher music 2006 CD. Our rating [7/10]

Neblogas depresovnas rokelis. O toliau tik angliðkai: Ariel Storm is the result of longtime collaboration between singer/songwriter Ariana Storm and multi instrumentalist Kai Ariel. Their music, alternative in style, has been described as “ambient message pop” with deeply honest lyrics looking to tell truth. Self empowerment, love and “Hey, what about the environment and that crazy Prez we got… [Read full review]

 JIMMY SPENCER with Karen Hernandez „Shades of blues“
  Jimmy Spencer / Night Spen prod. 2005 CD. Our rating [6/10]

Jimmy Spencer, vocalist and entertainer, has just released a new CD „Shades of Blue.“ It is a compilation of something old, something new, some ballads, some jazz, some blues, and songs of love and loneliness. They are rhythms of reflection and reason … truly superb! Spencer, with his deep velvet voice, is truly a balladeer extraordinaire. On his new CD he is warm and vibrant in his delivery…. [Read full review]

  Scorcher music 2006 CD. Our rating [9/10]

Born to an Italian Mother and a Czechoslovakian Father Randy Vild’s ethnic background is deep in the culture of European music. Some of his works include a soundtrack in the movie „A Stand Still Thought“ and The theme song for the weekly telecast, „The World to Come“. Randy Vild describes his music as „a movie score with emotion and memorable melodies“. The trouble is trying to pigeonhole compo… [Read full review]

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