self-released 2006. Our rating [9/10]

Combining aggressive, original guitar work, intense, fiery vocals, cool, accessible melodies and passionate lyrics, Paul has created a Rock band feel in the form of a Rock singer-songwriter. “My album ‘In My Time’ ain’t no boy band, poppy crap. The songs have emotional depth, are spiritual and reflective in nature, and there’s actually some intelligence behind them.” -Paul Maged, 2007- Madison… [Read full review]

 50 LB. HEAD „The Valiant Puirsuite of Nothing“ CD
  50lb. records 2009. Our rating [7/10]

Southern-style metal/rock in the vein of Black Label Society, Down and Black Sabbath with hints of jazz, groove and classic metal thrown in for good measure. 50lb. Head is Ashley Eubanks (bass,vocals), Chris Morant (guitar,vocals), Scooter Price (drums,percussion) and David Shaw (guitar). 50lb. Head’s second release, „The Valiant Pursuite of Nothing“ was recorded at Earthsound Recording and Red… [Read full review]

 JIMMY SPENCER „Warm… Then… Now… Always“ CD
  Nightspen Productions 2007. Our rating [7/10]

Spencer is truly a balladeer and „warm.“ certainly proves it. He caresses each song with a soft gentle warm style that sets the mood for a quiet romantic experience. Jimmy Spencer is truly a balladeer extraordinaire and “WARM” certainly proves it. He caresses each song with a soft gentle warm style that sets the mood for a quiet romantic experience. The ballads tell of new love, old love and ev… [Read full review]

 Q-BOX „Audible Brain Surgery“ CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [7/10]

The fundament of the Q-Box sound is a grooving mix of bass and drums, paired with precise and very sophisticated guitar work. In contrast to most of the modern Metal bands, the guitar solo is still of great importance – thus without stretching it to solo. The fundament of their sound is a grooving mix of bass and drums, paired with precise and very sophisticated guitar work. In contrast to most… [Read full review]

 THE FLETCHERS „Bright Blue Lights“ CD
  Tumblesault Music 2008. Our rating [6/10]

tThe music shows a blend of American and British indie rock sensibility with unique sounding guitars, harmonies, and memorable hooks. The debut CD offers twelve engaging songs with a variety of both tempo and temperament. Description: The music shows a blend of American and British indie rock sensibility with unique sounding guitars, harmonies, and memorable hooks. The debut CD includes songs t… [Read full review]

 DUSH „Ancient Cities““ CD-EP
  self-released 2008. Our rating [7/10]

It starts out very subtly, with a consistent bass undertone. Slowly, as a vigorous powerhouse escalates, a beautifully disguised guitar enters the mix, and a slightly classical whisper is added by the synths. A combination that’s out of the ordinary, so distinctive it has its own name: Bronze, the latest genre of music combining metal and melodic vocals with a touch of industrial sound. This n… [Read full review]

 RAMPANT BAND „Breakthrough/Breakdown“ CD
  Rampant Band Music 2001-2008. Our rating [8/10]

Rampant Band is an alternative rock band formed in Saratov, Russia, in 1995, and currently based in Moscow. Stylistically it’s hard to fit them in some strictly defined genre but in essence it is Anglo-American alternative rock with extensive use of keyboards. Band’s musicians use various terms when describing their music, and among the main influences they cite quite a lot of principally differen… [Read full review]

 JONO & FRIENDS „Misty Roses“ CD
  J.Frola 2005-2008. Our rating [8/10]

Smooth and Romantic. Something to sit back and listen to with that someone special and fall in love again. A must for all. Truly one of the most romantic songs written, Misty Roses has been sung by many great singers. Jono Frola adds his own style and arrangement to surely become one of those songs you can’t get out of your head. His soft voice against the background of romantic guitars and string… [Read full review]

 LOUD AT LEAST! „Painfull Exploration“ CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [6/10]

Loud At Least! A funny name for a band but of course also showing the direction: Straight Classic Heavy Rock! „Passion and power“ is ruling the intention of Gernot Schilcher, Gernot Reisner (both of them heavily suffering from metallic fever) and their mate Oswald Theisl. The new CD „Painful Exploration“ is proving this kind of attitude from the Heavy-Metalriff to the Powerballad…. [Read full review]

 THE KATHY FLEISCHMANN BAND „The Second Took Even Longer“ CD
  self-released 2008. Our rating [6/10]

The Kathy Fleischmann Band is comprised of four seasoned singer/ songwriter/musicians from NY. Their music is a mix of blues, rock, jazz and folk. Kathy Fleischmann is the songwriter and lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist. Before moving back to NY, she spent 10 years performing in South Florida earning accolades including South Florida’s Best Acoustic Artist and performing in the prestigious annua… [Read full review]

  Zine Records 2009. Our rating [6/10]

Day of Days are Perthshire lads. Not to my knowledge a particularly hot spot in the uprising of Scotland’s currently burgeoning wee scene. I don’t know, maybe it is, and apologies of course for any offence caused. Whatever the state of Perthshire’s music network, Day of Days are certainly the first to come to my attention any time lately shall we say. I still haven’t seen them live, so until su… [Read full review]

 JON SCOTT „Some R Beautiful“ CD
  Jon Scott Music 2007. Our rating [6/10]

Jon’s style is a versatile blend of great African Rhythms, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Soul and Ballads. Jon has been writing, performing and indulging in music since childhood and has appeared in various Stage Productions, including versions of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical „Jesus Christ Superstar“, the acclaimed South African Musical „Ipi Tombi“. Jon performs either with his band and can also play acous… [Read full review]

  self-released 2008. Our rating [6/10]

It was 1957 and my omo was taking me and my bro to see The King, Elvis, at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada… I still rememeber the Gold Lammay suit and the lady in front of us with her B-Hive hairdo. I swivelled and swayed for weeks trying to cop those hip movements. I knew that performance would be in my stars. It was 1964 and The Beatles were in Toronto..I was in a band within weeks of se… [Read full review]

  Red Top Records 2008. Our rating [6/10]

A group of musician friends (originally called Rags) have gotten back together after years apart and have found that you can go back again. This new gathering, infused with fresh, creative perspectives, produced songs of unique styles that are rooted in rock and the British invasion. A one time reunion has opened the floodgates…and the journey continues. …and so Identical Strangers is born…. [Read full review]

 ALAN KIRK „Some Songs“ CD
  Phonic records 2009. Our rating [5/10]

Starting his performing career in the U.S. as a teenager, Alan moved to Canada to continue playing and writing, while he worked in the music industry there. Alan has performed solo, and with his band The Alternators, in North America, Europe and New Zealand. The current Alternators lineup includes bassist Charly Maucher from the iconic German band, Jane. Songs by Alan have been licensed for TV,… [Read full review]

 JON SCOTT „I Breathe 4 U“ CD
  self-release 2009. Our rating [6/10]

Jon´s forthcoming album “Flow Like A River” containing twelve superb songs, all written by Jon and co-produced with his friend, Gordon Hulbert, whose credits include Chaka Khan, Annie Lennox, Russell Watson, to name a few, will be available for release on 19th October 2008 and Jon will play a special album release show at London’s Soho Review Bar on 13th October 2008. The tracks on offer includ… [Read full review]

 DAY OF DAYS „Modern Expectations“ miniCD
  Zine Records 2008. Our rating [6/10]

‘Modern Expectations’ is the highy charged, fully-loaded debut release from Scottish band Day of Days. It combines Placebo-like vocals with the continuous energy and thrust of Kasabian creating a sound that is difficult to come by these days. With a whole load of other songs outside the single setting the scene, Day of Days have fused electro-rock as beautifully as Primal Scream or Mercury Rev…. [Read full review]

  self-release 2009. Our rating [7/10]

Lost Transmission are a 4-piece rock band heralding from London and Oxford. They claim influences as diverse as Muse, Led Zeppelin and A Perfect Circle. Their unique blend of Eastern-influenced rock combines equal amounts of intricacy and energy, a combination that works as well live as it does in the studio. Their performances around the UK have received top reviews and lead to radio airplay. Nat… [Read full review]

 WERTHAM -„Memories Trom The Pigsty“ CD
  Tesco Organisation 2008. Our rating [8/10]

WERTHAM is the solo project of Marco Deplano, Italian mastermind of Mediterranean cinematic post industrial/folk combo FORESTA DI FERRO and active collaborator of numberless sound and visual projects spawning from post industrial culture to punk/hardcore. After more than 10 years of wait and a fistful of smaller releases, „Memories from the pigsty“ is the first full length CD, displaying a sound r… [Read full review]

 NAEVUS „Relatively Close To The Sea“ CD
  Tesco Organisation 2008. Our rating [6/10]

For the sixth Naevus album, Relatively Close to the Sea, Lloyd James (voice, acoustic guitar, keyboards) and Joanne Owen (bass, accordion, keyboards) joined by their regular drummer John Murphy (Knifeladder, Shining Vril). The album also features contributions from Greg Ferrari (Womb) on electric guitar, Joanna Quail (SonVer) on cello, Matt Howden (Sieben) on violin; and Arthur Shaw (Cutty Sark) o… [Read full review]

 BAIN WOLFKIND „The Swamp Angel“ CD
  Tesco Organisation 2008. Our rating [8/10]

The Australian songwriter and DER BLUTHARSCH member returns with an album, featuring 15 reverb drenched tales of love, loss, betrayal and revenge. The album is guitar driven and features a Motley Crew of guest musicians spanning a sound from Johhny Thunders style balads and rocking numbers to down tempo, psychedelic torch songs…. [Read full review]

 SOLANACEAE (OF THE WAND AND THE MOON) self-titled digipack CD
  Tesco Organisation 2008. Our rating [7/10]

Solanaceae is the creation of Kim Larsen, which portrays a more psychedelic folk feeling than usually put forth in his :Of The Wand & The Moon: project. However the unmistakable voice and songwriting is still Kim Larsen´s, which probably leaves this album as close to an :Of The Wand & The Moon: album without being that. The album features 13 songs with themes of magick, woods and mysteries, and ar… [Read full review]

 VORTEX „Phanopoeia“ CD
  Tesco Organisation 2009. Our rating [7/10]

The German ritual drone project Vortex is dedicated to the British art movement of Vorticism of the early Twentieth Century (1913-1920). Founded as an own vision of Futurism by Wyndham Lewis and expressed in the legendary magazine Blast (1914) Vorticism defined the artist as someone gaining creative power and inspiration out of the chaotic vortex of creative energy. The name was introduced by the … [Read full review]

 MAD LEE RIOT „Terra In Cognito“ dipack CD
  self-released 2008. Our rating [9/10]

This is the full-length album from the Swedish rockband Mad Lee Riot. A band that came from nowhere and surprised everyone by putting their self-released EP “Hard Cover” as the highest newcomer on the Swedish Charts (pos.26th Singellistan 2007). „Terra in Cognito“ is recorded in Offbeat Studio. A studio already popular among Sweden’s metal scene, but soon maybe even more for its rock acts. The… [Read full review]

 CEN GÜNEY „Praxis“ CD
  Cronica Electronica 2008. Our rating [7/10]

A Phonetics Theme is an algorithmic composition, essentially composed with the intention to have any kind of appropriate media accompany it. It makes the use of African phonemes and words to tell a story. The story is dedicated to Sound Art. base, matters, writing, besos, to gather, base, quality, sound, knead it, to pick up, beat, feal, beat, put into, twelve, cymbals, to dig, beat, si, rump, … [Read full review]

 SBS „Gambler“ digipack CD
  Monaco 2008. Our rating [5/10]

SPICY BITS OF SCANDAL, also known as SBS, history begins in the year 1979, when vocalist and keyboardist Vilius Kraujalis and guitarist Darius Rutkys, decided to form a rock’n’roll band. Right from the start the band was influenced by DIO, ROYAL HUNT, Y.J. MALMSTEEN, BLACK SABBATH and WHITESNAKE. Shortly drummer Girënas Medziukas and bassist Rolandas Buidovas (R.I.P.) joined the duo. In 1982 the b… [Read full review]

 PURE „Ification“ CD
  Cronica Electronica 2008. Our rating [7/10]

After more than ten CDs and several vinyls under different aliases, projects or collaborations that ranged a multitude of musical styles over the last 15 years, Pure’s newest release is now proudly presented by Crónica. Three and a half years later than scheduled, and six years after his previous studio CD release “Noonbugs” on Mego, Pure returns with his fourth solo full-length album — “Ificat… [Read full review]

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