GILES AUBRY „Berlin Backyards“ CD
  Cronica Electronica 2008. Our rating [6/10]

Living in Berlin since 2002, Gilles Aubry spent the winter of 2006 recording backyards of the city, originally intending to explore the resonant frequencies of these spaces wich coloured the different sound sources as natural effects processors. He later became more aware of their function as spaces that stayed in between the public and the private sphere, spaces of neighbouring interaction and so… [Read full review]

 IMAGINARY AIRSHIP „Where dreams take flight“
  Sound Ghost Recordings 2007. Our rating [6/10]

Imaginary Airship inhabits a wonderfully surrealistic corner of the pop music universe, a dimension where truly anything can happen. Think of it as the indie-pop twilight zone; a place of imagination and wonder in which sampled symphonies, fuzzed out guitars and analog synthesizers glide graciously over acoustic guitar-driven pieces that are heartfelt, personal, dreamy, and inventive. Their songs … [Read full review]

  self released CD 2008. Our rating [6/10]

William C. Harrington was born in Yonkers, New York. While he was a sophomore in high school, he was working as a professional musician playing parties, roller-skating rinks dances, and more. At Cal State U Dominguez Hills, he studied composition, performance, and electronic music with Richard B. Evans, author of the classic book on John Cage, „The Well Prepared Piano“. He was also influenced by s… [Read full review]

  self released CD 2006. Our rating [5/10]

About me: For many years I have worked as a professional musician traveling around the country doing opening act concerts, resorts, nightclubs both large and small. My Band is called „The Bruce of Windsor Project“. Basically this project is a group of musicians I put together selected from people I have worked with over the years. Together we completed my album/cd entitled: „Last of Windsor“. Sta… [Read full review]

 SOHNE HAGAL „:Jordansfrost:“
  Luftschutz Entertainment CD 2004. Our rating [9/10]

SONNE HAGAL’s second full-time album once more bestows the listener with a journey into the unknown realms of poetry, mysteries and enthralling melodies. Closely connected to Europa’s folk-music tradition and the Northern mysteries, the band develops song structures that reach from simple traditional arrangements to complex compositions. The songs, performed in German and English, reveal rediscove… [Read full review]

 LUCETULAS „Tragol de Rova“
  Robot Radio records CD 2007. Our rating [4/10]

Lucertulas are the kind of band who might pride themselves on making what other people refer to as noise – angular multi-instrumental noise that runs free of form and throws as many spanners into the works of traditional musical formulas as possible. There raging, chaotic guitars of opener, ‘Roulette’ do send the listener into a rather dizzy spiral, losing all sense of position in the tunes which … [Read full review]

 DEAD ELEPHANT „Lowest shared descent“
  Robot Radio records CD 2007. Our rating [7/10]

Claustrophobic, visceral, vicious, heavy, psichedelic, unpredictable these are the first adjectives that come in mind if you are trying to describe the North Italy power trio. The loud sonic assault of the band has a whole range of influences that pass through the energy of noise band like Unsane, Cherubs, Jesus Lizard, Colossamite and the psichedelic attitudes of Ash Ra Tempel, Cluster, Neuros… [Read full review]

 NASHVILLE SESSION PLAYERS „Who could Jesus bomb?“
  Freedom Tracks Music CD 2008. Our rating [5/10]

Tired of being told by various and sundry music industry insiders that many of his songs are good in quality but will never be recorded in Nashville due to political and social content, songwriter Richard Aberdeen rounded up some of Nashville’s top musicians and session vocalists and began to record material content that many here in Nashville (and elsewhere) believe should be heard on 21st Centur… [Read full review]

 ROCKUS CIRCUS „Welcome to the circus“
  self released CD 2006. Our rating [4/10]

Rockus Circus…the name says it all! Are you looking for a great mix of memorable, intelligent songs delivered by a tight group of tasteful musicians? Rockus Circus is an original rock & roll band that loves to rock it out, might get a little campy, and isn’t afraid to be pretty! Led by frontman and principal songwriter Andrew Howard, Rockus Circus is a talented quartet. Junior Scott lends his ow… [Read full review]

 CANDICE ALLEY self-titled
  self released CD 2007. Our rating [6/10]

Candice Alley stormed onto the Australian music scene with her debut single “Falling.” As one of the hits of 2003, “Falling” claimed a Top 5 spot in the charts and Candice became the Number 1 Australian Artist to feature on the National Airplay, charting for 32 weeks. Not bad for a song that took her 20 minutes to write! On the back of the success of “Falling” and her debut album “Colorblind” Cand… [Read full review]

 DIRTY ELEGANCE „Finding beauty in the wretched“
  self released CD 2007. Our rating [8/10]

Dark, melancholy and hauntingly epic melodies interwoven with city grit and prowess into the human easel of emotional experience, Dirty Elegance’s debut, Finding Beauty In The Wretched, takes its seat at the seminal table, innovatively capturing the depth of the human condition while maintaining a non-genre specific consistency. Passionately expressing a bountiful palette of emotional experience, … [Read full review]

 REAL „Minute before last“
  Bongiovi records CD 2008. Our rating [6/10]

Hailing from the British overseas territory of Gibraltar and the UK, Real, formerly known as Milbajac, revive sounds from the 80’s and 90’s, blending them with elements of modern rock and creating an explosive melodic combination of catchy choruses, deep lyrics and big guitars. The band recorded their debut album “Shade Of Grey“ at the Power Station Studios in Florida during the latter part of 200… [Read full review]

 DER BLUTHARSCH „The Philosopher’s Stone“
  Tesco Distribution digiCD 2008. Our rating [7/10]

The march is over! After 10 years Der Blutharsch finally are closing the circle! The inventors of military pop, and since the genre`s most influencial and sucessfull band is leaving the arena and heading towards new territories, the promised land…. [Read full review]

 BARAYA „The Day“
  self released CD 2007. Our rating [6/10]

first saw Nitin Sawhney’s concert, (UK based -Indian background-composer) in Sydney, Australia, in 1994, I knew, I wanted to do what he did with his Indian music, except I’d do that with my own traditional music which is Indonesian Traditional music. In 2004, I formed Baraya, and came up with 3 tunes, Baraya, Cigawiran, & Ceurik Rahwana, which aired in one of the oldest & biggest radio in Indonesi… [Read full review]

 CLAUDIUS LINTON „Roots Master: The vintage roots reggae singles vol.1“
  Sun King records CD 2007. Our rating [6/10]

Claudius „Kingman“ Linton, considered „one of the greatest reggae singers of all time,” is back after a 20-year absence from the music scene. Rediscovered by American indie-rock producer Ian „Jonah“ Jones, Linton returns with the first-ever CD release of his 1970’s roots reggae singles. “Roots Master: The Vintage Roots Reggae Singles, Vol. 1” is out on Sun King Records in November 2007. Watch t… [Read full review]

  Triaad Records CD 2007. Our rating [0/10]

The Skychurch Experience is a jam band from Washington state (formed in 2004 by guitarist Richard Aaron)that is a collaboration of musicians rather than a structured group. Each member of the group adds their own style to the songs on New Rising Sun and add to the diverse sound of each song…. [Read full review]

 PATRICK BRADLEY „Come rain or shine“
  self released CD 2006. Our rating [3/10]

Patrick Bradley was born in Torrance, California and grew up in L.A.’s South Bay, and now living in Chicago. He began playing keyboards at the age of eight. Patrick has a diverse background of smooth jazz, jazz, fusion, gospel, Christian inspirational, funk, progressive rock, hard rock, and classical music. He played in progressive rock bands Gemini, Anxiety Society, and later toured Europe with t… [Read full review]

  GLO Music BMI CD 2007. Our rating [7/10]

Jacqueline was born in New York but moved to San Diego at a young age. Because of her family, Jacqueline grew up listening to an array of genres, all having equal influence on her. In junior high she started to gravitate towards songs from musical theater, where she discovered the importance of song structure, as well as a new found love of performing. Throughout high school, she performed in vari… [Read full review]

  Some Place Else CD 2007. Our rating [6/10]

New Orthodox Line brings together two of the most notable Russian post-industrial / experimental groups: Bardoseneticcube and Noises of Russia. This unique collaboration stirs the best of both artists to surface, and results in an extremely powerful and intense emotional experience. The opus travels from sacral soundscapes of orthodox choirs and church bells to a more punishing end of the sonic sp… [Read full review]

 SONNE HAGAL „:Jordanfrost:“
  Tesco Distribution digiCD 2008. Our rating [9/10]

SONNE HAGAL’s second full-time album once more bestows the listener with a journey into the unknown realms of poetry, mysteries and enthralling melodies. Closely connected to Europa’s folk-music tradition and the Northern mysteries, the band develops song structures that reach from simple traditional arrangements to complex compositions. The songs, performed in German and English, reveal rediscove… [Read full review]

 HEXPEROS „The Garden of the Hesperides“
  Equlibrium Music CD 2007. Our rating: [9/10]

“The Garden of the Hesperides” is the debut album by Hexperos, the new Gothic/Neo-Classical project by the soprano Alessandra Santovito, founding member of Gothica. The exotic Mediterranean fragrance of sensual percussion patterns, together with the low rumble of Francesco’s double bass and the soft keyboard pads enriched by the work of violinists Domenico Mancini and Alessandro Pensa, set the… [Read full review]

 P.N.G. „The Darkest August: Life Inside The Myst“
  K. Shoen/SME Publishing CD 2006. Our rating [5/10]

After many years garnering life experience through military service as well as learning different facets of opposing life perceptions: conservative and liberal…religious and agnostic..through travels and exposure to cultures unlike his own, P.N.G. decided that music was not only the final destination, but a brand new location for experimentalism and creating material that not only sounds unlike … [Read full review]

  A Moon Circus productions CD 2006. Our rating [8/10]

Meshe is a free-spirited gypsy musician with the soul of a jazz singer and the sexual playfulness of a burlesque performer. Bob Dylan would love her. Rufus Wainwright would drag her onstage with him. Leonard Cohen and Shakira would team up to adopt her. She has the musical skills to establish credibility with a more artsy crowd and the earthiness and humor to make her more accessible to people lik… [Read full review]

 THE CATZ IN THE HATZ featuring Steve Johnson „Resilence“
  Rhombus records CD 2007. Our rating [7/10]

It’s like watching an energic/funny Frank Sinatra being backed by the zany Blues Brothers. This is what critics/reviewers are saying about the „live shows“ of the debut CD, „Resilience“ on Rhombus Records by CATZ IN THE HATZ! These Catz are so seasoned and professionally astute, along with interjecting such uninhibited showmanship to their audiences, one might think that their exceptional talent, … [Read full review]

  Robot Radio records CD 2007. Our rating [7/10]

Perhaps because so many albums don’t even get pressed onto CD anymore in this new digital age, it seems ages since I’ve listened to or even heard about any split CD releases. Here’s one to buck that trend, a joint effort from US indie faves Trumans Water and Italian emo instrumentalists Rosolina Mar.Personally, it’s the latter band who get my vote; the Italian trio have a unique sound which incorp… [Read full review]

 SUE QUIGLEY „Outside In“
  QuigChick Music CD 2006. Our rating [7/10]

Sue Quigley has a magnificent voice. Her warm, full-bodied alto is reminiscent of early Melissa Etheridge, Susan Tedeshi and Bonnie Raitt and, like those artists, she’s also an accomplished guitar player. Sue started playing guitar after her teenaged sister abandoned it for other pursuits (read: boys). Influences include Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde, REM, Concrete Blonde, and Lucinda Williams. A g… [Read full review]

 AARON PEARSON „Ridin’ the River“
  self released CD 2007. Our rating [6/10]

Aaron was born in Provo, Utah in 1971. His family moved to Walnut Creek California when he was 4. Inspired by the likes of Van Halen and AC/DC, he picked up his first guitar at the age of 11. Aaron has since become an accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist. He is also proficient on the piano, bass and drums. Aaron has formal education in the areas of voice and music theory…obtaining an… [Read full review]

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