GO ENGINE NOW self-titled CD
  Mark Grover 2009. Our rating [4/10]

Creators of hauntingly beautiful arrangements, the members of Go Engine Now were reared in the swamplands of Western Oregon, and the deserts of Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho. The band consists of; a may as well be married couple, a brother and sister, and two members who’ve been friends of all of the above since childhood. This longtime kinship makes for a dynamic and seamless interplay that drives their emotionally charged and intimate musical creations. To develop their work, the band meets once a month in a cabin deep in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, sequestering themselves away from the distractions of life and civilization to develop singularly unique orchestrations that cut straight to the primordial levels of human emotionality.
Go Engine Now’s music is built around the songs of Mark Grover, whose beautifully heart wrenching lyrics, vocal melodies, and acoustic guitar arrangements, along with Jason Varner’s electric and upright bass work, form the backbone of the pieces. From this grounded base of solid but novel songwriting and musical structure, strange, beautiful and sweeping accents and countermelodies are added by the remaining members; Reggie Townley on electric guitar, Kathleen Grover on keys, piano, and organ, and Kimo Muraki on whatever instruments he can fit into his car.
Go Engine Now draws from a broad spectrum of musical influences. With musicians informing their work ranging from punk rock gods to free jazz spacemen to old fashioned horror films. This combination of inspiration drives them to create pieces that range in expression from beautiful, eerily comforting and pristine, all the way to completely deconstructed frenzy. To put it most clearly, when describing the experience of Go Engine Now’s debut release, a person once said “I feel kind of homicidal, and I miss my mom”. Few statements can encapsulate the essence of Go Engine Now in such a concise and accurate fashion.