Zine Records 2009. Our rating [6/10]

Day of Days are Perthshire lads. Not to my knowledge a particularly hot spot in the uprising of Scotland’s currently burgeoning wee scene. I don’t know, maybe it is, and apologies of course for any offence caused. Whatever the state of Perthshire’s music network, Day of Days are certainly the first to come to my attention any time lately shall we say.

I still haven’t seen them live, so until such a time as I have taken them in live, I won’t decide completely what I think. How could I of course. Instead, this little review is based entirely upon the bands forthcoming single E.M.P, set for release on the 13th June. It is claimed on the bands myspace @ that they have a live sound,

“so big that it is utterly impossible to resist!!!”

I look forward to that with great anticipation.

Single A side E.M.P begins with fifteen seconds of straight up drums bass and guitar energy that certainly sets out promising intentions. A rhythm section that clearly know what the script is, accompanied by a grizzly array of guitar bleepadelica. When the unmistakably Placeboesque vocal of Paul Petrie kicks in, we are given confirmation that this is a real deal outfit. You have the point of realisation, whether you like it yet or not, that this band are certainly good. It wasn’t for me a first time love affair. I admit that.

There is no doubt that this is a well crafted and well recorded single. The driving tempo, great melody, the build ups, the breaks, the guitar tone and for me most importantly, the stand out vocal, all combine in a way that I liken to something like that of the new Vauxhall Insignia. It seems to be perfect in so many ways, that you find yourself surprised a little when you find out it is a Vauxhall. You know what I mean? Day of Days sound like they have developed a real togetherness and maturity to there song construction. They have a sound that is certainly there own.

It does definitely demand your ears to keep paying attention, and when you do, it grows and grows inside your brain until your foot starts to tap. The bass line in B side Mindus is absolutely infectious. I grasp at the suggestion of a bit of Muse, then before I decide whether this is true or not, I hear something else. Something I can’t put my finger on. Whatever it is I do like it. I need to see them live to know if my ears have a relationship blossoming with this band on a regular basis, or if it is just a passing glance in the street in which I acknowledge a definite and genuine attraction for, but don’t stop.

Day of Days are 100% worth checking out. They will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but not even U2 manage to be that. They have likeability, a well crafted single, good solid musicians, and a vocal that although comparable to the distinct voice of Brian Molko, is still more original than most bands at the minute. Based on the single alone, If I was going to write one sentence it’d be this,

Day of Days E.M.P doesn’t become an instant favourite of mine, but what it does do however, is make me play it over and over and over, growing each time in my appreciation if not quite all out admiration, and fuck me does it grow on you.

For live dates all over Scotland see the bands myspace as per above. Glasgow June 13th @ ABC2(E.M.P single launch) is where I will be checking them out for the first time LIVE. I just hope it is as BIG as they promise. If it is, I reckon there is a chance my lugs shall hear more and more of these Perthshire lads. I shall let you know.

Ally B