JONO & FRIENDS „Misty Roses” CD
  J.Frola 2005-2008. Our rating [8/10]

Smooth and Romantic. Something to sit back and listen to with that someone special and fall in love again. A must for all. Truly one of the most romantic songs written, Misty Roses has been sung by many great singers. Jono Frola adds his own style and arrangement to surely become one of those songs you can’t get out of your head. His soft voice against the background of romantic guitars and strings goes right to your soul and heart. Not to be missed.

1 Misty Roses
2 I Was Wrong
3 Destiny
4 Nothing Got in the Way
5 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
6 Island Dreams
7 If It Could Be
8 When I Move to Paradise
9 You Ought to Know By Now
10 Dazed
11 Marie

After years of singing and playing in several bands Jono was heard by an Advertising Executive at a NYC club. Between juggling a job as a manager at a popular rock club on the East Side and trying to land a record deal the decision to try to write, arrange and sing on several jingles was a no brainer. Z – 100, International Harvester & Sports Illustrated were just a few. His song „The Island” was considered by Pan Am Airlines and was used as a promotional tool. While working for the „Richard Brown Agency” a subsidery of „Ogilvy & Mather” Jono met the guitarist Steve Usher and immediatly started working together. Both left to play some concerts in the Virgin Islands and wound up staying there several years. Speaking of „Virgin”, Jono was one of the first musicians involved in live music on „Virgin Airlines” flights. After returning to the States Jono went on to a small and short stay with the agency „Rising Star” based in Miami and did spots in several major films (Making Mr. Right with John Malcovich, Tweeners with Raoul Julia and Beverly D’Angelo,etc) as well as television both in NY and Miami. As close as 2 years ago Jono appeared in the Italian Film „Natalie in NY” filmed upstate NY. The CD „Misty Roses” though recorded a few years back is a promising and romantic project that was done with his friends Armen Halburian on drums and percussion, Lenny Argese on guitars, (the late) louie Argese on Keyboards and Lauren Montgomery on Backup Vocals. Currently Jono is working with guitarist Lou Volpe on a new project and are playing live at venues in and around NY. Their CD should be finished early this year. As on „Misty Roses” the CD will contain both original and cover material. As well as their CD Jono and Lou are also major players in a group called „Guitar Club for Men” with guitarist Gene Cornish from the Rascals, guitarist Mark Brandenburg & Anthony Vigilotti on drums.