GRAYSON WRAY PROJECT „Butterfly Cannonball” CD
  Lavender Sky Records 2009. Our rating [6/10]

The Grayson Wray Project (aka GWP) is an eccentric, high energy band rocking out of Los Angeles, California. ‘The B52’s meets the Beatles with a funkadelic flavor’ is how fans describe their sound. Zany and original, serious yet fun, a wide variety of influences can be heard in their tunes. From 60’s pop to funk and techno – they cover the musical spectrum with a cool Southern California vibe. GWP has three talented lead singers who playfully harmonize with one another, and impressive vocal arrangements. This is all reinforced by a solid, hardcore rhythm section that adds hard rock power to their music, and they have a lightning fast keyboard/ flute player that completes the mix. The chemistry between these five musicians (two girls and three guys) creates a magical and melodic atmosphere that makes you want to get up, dance, and enjoy your friggin’ life

Grayson Wray: vocals, guitar
Maura Murphy- Barrosse: vocals, percussion
Angie Donkin: vocals, drums
Ross Barkstrom: bass
Pablo Alomoto: keyboard, flute, trombone